Just call me Nana Moses

fullsizeoutput_1f1I wrote my first book after I had been retired for 10 years.  I have been involved in dog rescue for most of my adult life.  I usually take the ones other people do not want, like the elderly ones or the abused ones that cannot trust.  Then one day, I saw Jamie and I saw him the next day and the day after that on Facebook.  Jamie was at a shelter, North Shore Animal League to be exact.  Jamie looked so sweet, even with his urine soaked ears from the mill.  I new Jamie was “special” from the first picture.  Jamie’s eyes are covered with tissue and he is blind.  He is also deaf.  It is typical of double merle dogs.  Breeders will mate two merles to get the beautiful colors, knowing that they could end up with a dog like Jamie.  It is all about money, the “Jamie’s” in life are usually destroyed.

It was a very cold day that I drove the more than 100 miles to adopt him.  He was 8 months old and weighed 17 lbs.  Jamie was a wiggly, kissing machine.  I knew from the first day that Jamie had a story to tell……………….

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