Day is done…..

Jamie and I had reached the end of his first day with me.  It was very exciting and he is exhausted.  I cannot tell you how sweet he was cuddled in my arms as he snoozed.

My bedtime approached and I took Jamie out to go potty one more time.  I had decided that the best choice until I got to know him well was crating him at night.  He had not mapped out the house, as of yet, and of course he was a puppy and puppies chew, so there were safety reasons.  I made him a little bed and gave him a treat.  I settled in for the night, but sleep was not to be had, at least for me.  Jamie barked and barked most of the night.  I tried taking him to bed, but he did not understand that the bed has a drop off point.  Back into the crate, it was safer.  Somewhere before daylight, he fell asleep, but not without leaving me a present.

How did I not know about his “gift?”  I had put his crate at the far end of the house from me, so I could sleep.  I opened my bedroom door and instead of coffee, I smelled poop!  I go to get Jamie, he is covered in it.  I took him out and drew bathwater.  Now I am not a morning person, at least not before coffee, but seriously, who could have coffee when he was so full of it!!!!!!

To be continued…….0111171903-1


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