And The Poop Goes On……..

There was a “surprise” for me every morning.  Some mornings I was luckier than others. Once in a while, he would pile the poop in a corner, so, the “daily bath” wasn’t as hard.  Other times, it was caught between his toes and I had to scrub every nail.

At this point, I had started documenting his surprises, on his Jamie’s Journey FB page, with a little humor or I would have cried.  He had a fan club that kept hoping I would have a day of no poop.  Eventually, it started to happen.

I owe it to his UTI.  For some reason, he would howl at night if he had to pee.  Usually, that was about 1 am, 3 am and 5 am.  Since, I was waking up to take him out, he started pooping outside too.

But……there were other issues, OCD type issues.  Stayed tuned for the continuing saga……of As the James Turns.0205172002-1

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