One more habit to break.

The last thing that Jamie did in the beginning, and will do it when super excited, is nip at your legs.  When I would come home after being out, Jamie would be so excited he would be jumping all over the place and try to pull at my clothes.  Instead, it was a little nip.  Not break the skin nip, but pinch nip so my upper legs were black and blue.  He would get you on your inner leg and we all know how that hurts.  Remember, he for all practical purposes, was a puppy and puppies tend to be mouthy.  Of course, the only senses he can use are feel and smell.

How did I break that?  Every time he did it, I would stop and gently hold his mouth closed and push him away.  Gradually he figured it out.  First, he would try to move his mouth away from my hand, then I knew he understood.  It did not take long and for the most part he has stopped.  During times of super excitement he will do it, and I remind him.  Other than the above, Jamie is the most gentle guy.  His kisses are so soft and he barely touches you when taking food out of your hand.

Tomorrow, the hand life dealt him.0126171417a

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