Jamie is 4 years old.


Jamie was 4 years old on May 20, 2020.  It seems appropriate that his birthday is National Rescue dog day.

The last year, Jamie has grown on so many levels.  He is still a Mama’s boy and must be with me wherever I am.  Jamie no longer spends his nights in his crate but has joined the rest of us in bed.  I spent months holding onto him to prevent him falling out.  Then suddenly he decided he wanted a different spot in the bed.  One night, I heard that awful sound of him hitting the floor.  That was months ago.  Since then, he is VERY careful, inching toward the edge.  Some nights he insists on sleeping under the blankets.  He is my own, personal, space heater.  Jamie looks like a sweet little lamb sleeping.

Jamie tells me when I have a package delivered by barking at the front door.  He also remembers where a toy is and knows when it is hidden under a table or couch.  He knows if someone is visiting by smell and will search until he finds them.  Jamie will stand and bark at the kitchen counter to tell me he wants the food that is there.


Fidose of Reality

Thank you Carol Bryant for helping spread the word about breeding practices.  Thank you for including Jamie and I.


Happy Fall

Jamie continues to emotionally and intellectually grow as a member of my household.  The last few months have seen some changes for him.  We lost a dog, Seth, and gained two more permanent ones along with a foster.  Jamie gets along with everyone.  I have been doing more with him in the community.  We visited a nursery school and talked to 4 year olds about being different.  We showed them how Jamie knows where he is and where they are.  In this day and age, accepting disabilities is a very important part of life.    For this group, I hope we made a difference.  Jamie and I did a rescue event and spoke to people about the horrors of bad breeding practices.  We also spent  the day in Woodstock, NY (picture below), sharing rescue information with anyone that would listen.  Lastly, since summer, Jamie has joined us in bed.  He has earned the right.  I hold on to him all night to prevent him from falling off, but it almost isn’t necessary, he just peacefully goes to sleep snuggled up next to me.  Could life be more perfect?


Almost Three

May 16th will be Jamie’s birthday.  It certainly will be a day to rejoice.  He has come a long way from those days of daily baths, barking 24/7 and walking in circles.  Jamie is a happy boy.  He enjoys his toys and is as excited as a child, seeing the gifts Santa brought, every morning when he finds his toys again.  Amazingly, he remembers where they are.

Just recently, Jamie has been allowed in the “big bed.”  He loves cuddling and I have a bonus that he will “sleep in” as long as he is next to me.  Those days of moon gazing are long gone.IMG_1190Jamie has calmed down a whole lot.  He takes new adventures in stride.  The above was taken yesterday at a book signing event.  Jamie greeted everyone.

Jamie’s trainer did a podcast.

The very knowledgeable, David Kurlander, did a podcast that included Jamie’s story.  Please listen as he has information in it that anyone can use training any dog.  For David, the cup is half full.