April 21, 2017 was Jamie’s first birthday.  He had been with me 3.5 months and SOME things were coming together.  He was doing fewer circles and barking was down by more than a half.  He was still waking me at night to go potty, but even that was down to once a night.

Then he started waking me many times a night again.  When it hit 7 times in one night, and I was a walking zombie, I took him to the vet again.  Another urine sample and culture, but no UTI this time.  I could not live like this and obviously something was wrong with James.  I asked for a blood test to be done.  The next day we had it, Jamie had an infection.  We started on a 3 week course of antibiotics.  Finally, we got to the root of the problem.  Sleep, heavenly, sleep!!!!!1015171547_HDR-1-1

Tomorrow……………….the moon and stars.

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