Sweet Baby Jamie

Going back a bit to his first birthday, I decided to play up that he was named after a Scottish character from the Outlander series, James Alexander Malcolm Mckensie Fraser.    To celebrate turning two, I made Jamie his very own kilt.  As every Scot knows, it is an honor to wear the tartan of your family.  Jamie’s kilt is of his mother’s family, Mckensie.

At the same time, I had Jamie’s DNA tested.  His original paperwork said he was poodle and cocker mix, written at the mill he came from.  I am thinking they did not want to admit that he is a double merle.  Jamie’s DNA sample came back that he is 100% American Cocker Spaniel.  It is my understanding that the first American cocker spaniels came over on the Mayflower and are all related.

As they would say on the Johnny Carson show………………………..”here’s” JAMIE!!!

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