Happy Fall

Jamie continues to emotionally and intellectually grow as a member of my household.  The last few months have seen some changes for him.  We lost a dog, Seth, and gained two more permanent ones along with a foster.  Jamie gets along with everyone.  I have been doing more with him in the community.  We visited a nursery school and talked to 4 year olds about being different.  We showed them how Jamie knows where he is and where they are.  In this day and age, accepting disabilities is a very important part of life.    For this group, I hope we made a difference.  Jamie and I did a rescue event and spoke to people about the horrors of bad breeding practices.  We also spent  the day in Woodstock, NY (picture below), sharing rescue information with anyone that would listen.  Lastly, since summer, Jamie has joined us in bed.  He has earned the right.  I hold on to him all night to prevent him from falling off, but it almost isn’t necessary, he just peacefully goes to sleep snuggled up next to me.  Could life be more perfect?


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