OUTLANDER, the book

January 9, 2017 was the day I brought Jamie home.  It was a day later than I had planned because of a blizzard.  Jamie was not known as Jamie then, but as Stanley.  The same day I adopted Jamie, my friend adopted a female cat.  We, together, decided to name them Claire and Jamie after our favorite book series, OUTLANDER, by Diana Gabaldon.  We started a FB page about the two, bringing them to life.

As I sat in the shelter that day, I was impressed.  Having been to many shelters, this one was different.  There were areas for people to interact with cats and dogs, it was bustling.  There was no smell.  When they brought Jamie out, he was clean, happy and without fleas.  A huge sigh of relief for me as I had others at home and fleas tend to “share.”

Here I am with Jamie the first time I saw him and Jamie saying “good-bye” to his caretaker.  To be continued……..

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